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If you have an interest in our work, or if you would like to use the CEMS facilities to solve an analytical problem or for your own work, please contact Professor Michael Bizimis.


The CEMS clean lab is a 600 square-foot, metal-free laboratory, designed for open counter, low-blank sample handling.  Air is supplied by a ceiling-mounted HEPA filtration system that operates at one air exchange per minute.  Sample heating and drying is done in custom-made HEPA filtered dry-down stations that are rated for perchloric acid.  Several sub-boiling acid distillation units provide ultra-clean acids (HF, HNO3, HCl) for low-blank sample dissolution and column chemistry.  The lab includes a recirculating 18 MOhm water system fed by a reverse osmosis system coupled to a Millipore Super-Q.  Other ancillary equipment  include microbalances, centrifuges, and sonic baths.